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    ネット上ではもう何を信じているのか? (EN) 📎 What do you believe anymore online? 📎

    この1年、AI画像生成の進歩を追っていると、オンライン・コミュニティによって非常に短いスパンで開発された驚くべきものがいくつかある。Image 2 Image (Img2Img)は、これらのツールのひとつで、最初は本当に驚かされました。とてもシンプルな方法で何かを描くことができ、プロンプトを使ってそのシンプルな絵を自分の能力をはるかに超えたものにできるのは驚きだった。

    今日未明、Redditのユーザーが、Stable DiffusionとPhotoshopでのちょっとした編集を使って作成した一連の「検証」写真投稿した(EN)。個人的には、写真に写っている人物がいかにリアルであるか、そして情報が書かれた紙がいかに本物であるかに驚かされた。




    If you’ve been following the progress of AI image generation the past year, there have been some amazing things that have been developed by online communities in a very short time span. Image 2 Image (Img2Img) was one of these tools that really blew me away at first. It was amazing being able to draw something in a very simple way and then using a prompt, be able to make that simple drawing into something that was way beyond my abilities.

    Earlier today, a Reddit user posted (EN) a series of “verification” photos that were created using Stable Diffusion and a little bit of editing with Photoshop. Personally I was blown away by the results at how real the generated person in the photo was along with how authentic the piece of paper with the written information looked.

    Upon closer inspection one would be able to tell that the images were not authentic. Items in the background have inconsistencies, such as objects merging into other objects or furniture having strange parts. Additionally, there are also inconsistencies that are usual tell tale signs of AI generated humans. Such as ears not being formed correctly or beauty marks/moles not being consistent from one image to another.

    If someone not up to date with the current state of AI image generation, I can see how they could be fooled or cat-fished into thinking the person in the image sent is the person they are talking to online. There are two sides to how quickly AI generative technology is improving, on the positive it means all sorts of new tools will be made and can assist individuals with their work. On the other hand, this will be abused by people with nefarious intentions to probably swindle and scam unsuspecting individuals.

    When I was growing up using the internet in the 1990s was never believe everything you read or see online, have a little bit of doubt or do my due diligence to research to make sure it’s factual. We’re coming around full circle that we’re going to have to second guess what is real and what is not online going forward.

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    AIを使って絶滅言語を翻訳する。 📎 Using AI to translate extinct languages. 📎






    私たちは、仕事やプライベートでAIを使う初期段階にあると思う。これらのシステムは本質的には子供のようなもので、聞いた(訓練された)ことを繰り返し、発言する(生成する)ことに監督を必要とする。MicrosoftGithub(EN)が自分たちの製品をCoPilotsと呼ぶのは正しいし、研究者がアッカド語のタブレットを英語に翻訳するためにAIを使っているのも同様だ。これらのAIシステムはある意味、サウンディングボードラバーダックのデバッグのようなものだ。アイデアを出し合ったり、”誰か “に別の視点からコンテンツを見てもらったり、別のアプローチを提案してもらったりすることができる。AIからのアウトプットを単純にコピー&ペーストしろと言っているわけではなく、インスピレーションとして使ったり、別のアプローチをとったりするのだ。 年中無休で誰かがコラボレーションしてくれるようなものだ。


    I recently came across this article written by Kevin Dickinson from July 2023 and had me thinking of how AI would be used in the future.

    This was the part that got me thinking more about where the future of AI or AGI is headed:

    The AI can provide the raw translation quickly, while the scholar can refine it with their knowledge of historic languages, cultures, and people.

    The jobs that AIs and AGIs will shine the most and be utilized over the next 10 years will be in places where the computer and software have become integral parts of our lives.

    Much like Excel, Photoshop, CAD software, Quickbooks, and the thousands of other software used daily in our personal and professional lives, these are tools to help perform repetative tasks or tasks that would be time consuming for a human to complete.

    I think we are very much in the early stages of using AIs in our work and personal times. These systems are in essence child-like where they repeat what they have heard (been trained on) and need supervision in what they say (generate). Microsoft and Github are right in calling their products CoPilots and similarly how researchers are using AI to translate the Akkadian tablets into English. These AI systems in a way are like having a Sounding Board or rubber duck debugging. You’re able to bounce ideas, have “someone” look over your content with a different perspective, or suggest a different approach. That’s not saying that one should simply copy and paste the output from the AI, but use it as inspiration or taking a different approach. It’s like having someone around 24/7 to collaborate with.

    It’ll be interesting to see how AI and AGI systems are used in the coming years, especially in the open-source space where development of tools are rapidly progressing allowing those with mid to high end PCs to run their own AIs at home.

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    エアバスによるオープンソースのフォント、B612。 📎 B612 the open source font by Airbus. 📎





    フォントの作成の歴史や、Google Fontを通じた使用方法、またはGithubのリポジトリからのダウンロードについては、詳細をご覧いただけます。

    Aerospace company Airbus is a company that I would not associate with typography. But after reading the brief introduction to the B612 font it makes sense:

    In 2010, Airbus initiated a research collaboration with ENAC and Université de Toulouse III on a prospective study to define and validate an “Aeronautical Font”: the challenge was to improve the display of information on the cockpit screens, in particular in terms of legibility and comfort of reading, and to optimize the overall homogeneity of the cockpit.

    As a company that makes systems that pilots in the cockpit must read clearly and for long periods of time, it makes sense that Airbus would be motivated in making a font for it’s displays that to improve readability and comfort for pilots.

    I can see this being used as typeface for eink displays, dashboards, or any other type of digital signage that requires clear readability of information.

    You can read more about the history of the creation of the font along with using it via Google Font or download it via the Github repo.

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    土曜日のコーヒー| 2023年9月23日 Saturday Coffee | September 23, 2023

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    このアプリは、iPadOS 17を搭載したUSB-C対応のiPadを外部モニターに変えることができます。 📎 This app turns your USB-C enabled iPad into an external monitor with iPadOS 17. 📎

    数週間前、MacStoriesの創設者兼編集長であるフェデリコ・ヴィティッチが、Game Boy Cameraを使用してFaceTimeビデオ通話ができるようになったと書きました。

    iPhoneとiPad向けのHalideカメラアプリのクリエイターであるLuxは、iOS 17のこの新機能を活用しました。iPadをゲームコンソール、カメラ、またはHDMI接続のデバイスのポータブルモニターとして使用することができるようになりました。必要なのはUSB-C搭載のiPad、iPadOS 17、およびUSB-C HDMIキャプチャカードのみです。この無料アプリには、AIパワードの4Kアップスケーリング、CRT効果、および画像の調整が可能なUS$4.99のアプリ内購入があります。

    ミラーレスカメラやデジタル一眼レフカメラによく接続される外部モニターを置き換えることができる本当に素晴らしいアプリです。USB-C搭載のiPhone 15の今後のリリースでは、iPadのOrionのようにiPhoneを外部モニターに変えるアプリが作成される可能性が高いです。

    A couple of weeks ago the founder and Editor-in-Chief of MacStories, Federico Viticci, wrote about how they were able to make a FaceTime Video call using a Game Boy Camera.

    Lux, the creators of the Halide camera app for iPhone and iPad, has taken advantage of this new feature in iOS 17. They have made it possible to use external cameras as a portable monitor for your game console, camera, or devices with HDMI connections. All you need is a USB-C equiped iPad, iPadOS 17, and a USB-C HDMI capture card. The free app has a US$4.99 in-app purchase that unlocks “AI-Powered 4K Upscaling”, a CRT effect, and the ability to adjust the picture.

    A really great app that can replace external monitors commonly attached to mirror-less and DSLR cameras. With the upcoming release of the USB-C iPhone 15, it is likely that someone will create an app to turn the iPhone into an external monitor like Orion does for the iPad.

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    土曜日のコーヒー| ユニティのまとめ |2023年9月16日 Saturday coffee | Unity Recap | September 16, 2023

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    開発者がセキュリティ脆弱性を簡単に悪用するためのフレームワークを公開、ブルースキーと「ATプロトコル」のセキュリティ脆弱性に関する複数の報告が無視された後。 📎 Developer releases framework to simplify exploiting vulnerabilities for Bluesky and AT Protocol after multiple reports of security vulnerabilities fall on deaf ears. 📎


    くそったれ。 #YOLO

    #Bluesky は、私が報告した数々のセキュリティ脆弱性にまったく反応せず、だから私は今夜、素敵な README とエクスプロイトモジュールのフレームワークを作成し、それをすべて公開しました。



    #infosec #security

    元Twitter CEOのジャック・ドーシー氏が資金援助し、バックアップしているこのプロジェクトは、2022年末から2023年のはじめにウェイトリストを開始し、iOSアプリをローンチして以来、波乱のスタートを切っています。サービスは、モデレーションの問題(人種差別的なユーザー名の登録から、基本的な管理ツールやユーザーモデレーションツールの欠如まで)や、「The Hellthread」と呼ばれる問題に悩まされています。これは、自動返信ボットによってアプリやウェブサイトがエラーになるか、スレッドに関与した誰もが通知に飽和する原因となりました。


    For those trying out or interested in Bluesky might want to be weary of using the social media platform (powered by AT Protocol) as it seems a number of security vulnerabilities have been discovered and not been addressed according to journalist and software developer Jason Parker (EN) has announced via their Mastodon account:

    Fuck it. #YOLO

    #Bluesky continues to be entirely non-responsive to the numerous security vulnerabilities I’ve reported to them, so I spent the evening writing up a nice README and a framework with exploit modules, and just made it all public.

    Have fun.


    #infosec #security

    The former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey funded and backed project has had a rocky start since opening the wait list and launching their iOS app at the end of 2022/start of 2023. The service has been plagued with moderation problems (ranging from users registering racist slurs to lack of basic administrative and user moderation tools) and “the hellthread” that was the result of auto-replying bots that would cause the app or website to error out… or cause anyone who engaged with the thread to be flooded with notifications.

    Interestingly Bluesky looks to be moving to be less of a social media platform and more about developing the open source AT Protocol, being “a marketplace of algorithms”, and selling custom domains.

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    デジタルおよびアナログコンテンツの保存。 📎 Preservation of Digital and Analog Content. 📎








    Adrienne Bernhard wrote a piece regarding data preservation and the possible loss of information in the coming years.

    In fact, preserving the world’s online content is an increasing concern, particularly as file formats (and the hardware and software used to run them) become scarce, inaccessible, or antiquated, technologies evolve, and data decays. Without constant maintenance and management, most digital information will be lost in just a few decades. Our modern records are far from permanent.

    They continue with digital data being possibly lost in the future being put into three groups:

    hardware longevity (e.g., a hard drive that degrades and eventually fails); format accessibility (a 5 ¼ inch floppy disk formatted with a filesystem that can’t be read by a new laptop); and comprehensibility (a document with an long-abandoned file type that can’t be interpreted by any modern machine).

    Then finally adds that encryption of data makes it possible that some information could be lost forever. Just think of the number of cryptocurrency inaccessible because the code/passphrase for a wallet is lost or iPhones with a forgotten pass code makes notes or photos on the device inaccessible.

    This is a scenario that has been happening even before the Internet was around. The BBC Sci-Fi series Dr. Who has a number of episodes missing that aired between 1967 and 1978. It is believed that the recordings were destroyed due to limitations in storage space, seeing no value in preservation, and possibly cost.

    I expect that more and more stories of individuals and companies having lost data due to cloud services going out of business, hardware becoming obsolete, or simply being forgotten to time.

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    Evo2023でのブラインド・ウォリアー・スヴェン。(自動翻訳あり) 📎 BlindWarriorSven at Evo 2023. 📎

    今週末、ラスベガスで格闘ゲーム大会「Evo 2023」が開催された。その中継を見ていたら、ブラインド・ウォリアー・スヴェンがストリートファイター6のトーナメントに出場している動画を見つけた。全盲の選手が、ゲームの音声とアクセシビリティ機能だけを使って、このレベルでプレイできることに驚きました。



    The video game fighting game tournament Evo 2023 went on this weekend in Las Vegas. Watching some of the coverage I came across a video of BlindWarriorSven competing in the Street Fighter 6 tournament. It was amazing that a completely blind player is able to play at this level using only the games audio and accessability features.

    Watching this video it shows the importance of making video games accessible for as many people as possible so they can enjoy this entertainment medium and art form.

    If you want to learn more about BlindWarriorSven or follow him on social media, you can do so via his website.

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    土曜日のコーヒー|2023年8月5日 Saturday coffee | August 5, 2023

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    土曜日のコーヒー | ファイナルファンタジーXIVファンフェスティバルラスベガスの基調講演総括編。 Saturday Coffee | FINAL FANTASY XIV Fanfest Las Vegas keynote recap edition.

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    岸田首相、Web3カンファレンスで基調ビデオ演説。 📎 Japanese PM Keshida delivers keynote video address at Web3 conference. 📎

    WebX AsiaのTwitter/Xアカウントを通じて、岸田首相は基調講演のビデオで次のように述べている:








    Via the WebX Asia Twitter/X account, Prime Minister Keshida said in his video keynote:

    Web3 is part of the New Form of Capitalism

    The Prime Minster continued saying:

    I hope that the Web3 industry will regain its attention and vitality, and that various new projects will be born.

    Keshida was not the only member of the Japanese Government speaking at the event. Chairman Koichi Hagiuda (Policy Research Council, LDP), gave the opening keynote which in part highlighted Japans “Start Next Innovator” project which was described (via Cointelegraph article) as:

    key in driving the growth of Japanese-owned Web3 businesses. Japan’s Economy, Trade and Industry ministry project is sending 1,000 entrepreneurs and students to Silicon Valley over a five-year campaign to foster Web3 startups.

    This is in contrast to the Wests current views of cryptocurrencies and the Web3 industry, where it is viewed as an industry ripe with scams along with having a long history of shady businesses practices and failures.


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    イーロン・マスク、ツイッターのブランド名を「X」に変更。 📎 Elon Musk begins rebranding of Twitter to X. 📎







    米国特許商標庁のページにある「X」のロゴは、マイクロソフトのライブストリーミングサービスMixerに使われていたロゴだ。このプラットフォームは2020年に閉鎖され、MixerのパートナーがFacebook Gamingでストリーミングを行うためのインセンティブを伴うマイクロソフトとMetaの提携が発表された。これが、Metaが「X」の商標を所有することになった経緯だろう。

    さらに、Business Insiderの別のレポートによると、このサイトで使われているロゴはユニコード文字に𝕏非常に似ているようだ:

    しかし、この新しいブランドは、2001年3月にユニコードに追加された “mathematical double-struck capital X “として知られる一般的なユニコード文字に怪しく似ている。


    新しいロゴはまた、Monotypeのフォント “Special Alphabet 4”(EN)の小文字の “x “とほぼ同じである。





    It seems it’s been a day of missteps in Elon attempts to rebrand Twitter as X.

    Starting off with Stan Schroeder at Mashable (post title link):

    The change hasn’t been executed very thoroughly yet; for example, Twitter’s official blog and help center still prominently feature the bird-shaped logo. It appears, however, that it’s just a matter of time until Twitter becomes fully X-fied.

    Most likely since everyday users rarely visit the blog or help center, the marketability of the name change would be most effective on the home page of the platform.

    Later in the day it started being reported that Meta/Facebook have the trademark for ‘X’:

    Elon Musk, who bought Twitter for $44 billion last year, announced that the platform will now be called “X,” but Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta has already registered an “X” logo in connection to “online social networking services” and “social networking services in the fields of entertainment, gaming, and application development.”

    The “X” logo in the US Patent & Trademark Office page is the logo that was used for Microsoft’s live streaming service Mixer. The platform was shut down in 2020 and a partnership between Microsoft and Meta was announced with incentives for Mixer partners to stream on Facebook Gaming. This is probably how Meta came to being owners of the “X” trademark.

    Additionally, the logo used on the site seems very similar to a unicode character 𝕏 according to another report by Business Insider:

    But the new branding looks suspiciously like a generic Unicode character known as “mathematical double-struck capital X” that was added to the Unicode in March 2001.

    And the article continues with:

    The new logo is also nearly identical to the lowercase “x” in the Monotype font “Special Alphabet 4.”

    Twitter/X decided to remove the Twitter name from the signage on their San Francisco headquarters Monday afternoon (California time). It was reported via photos on Twitter/X that the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) arrived at the headquarters to stop the removal since permits had not been obtained to have machinery on the streets.

    Finally let’s not forget that the name of the division at Google that works on the companies moonshots, is called ‘X’ too.

    All of this happening as Mastodon users continue to grow over the last few days and the Fediverse as a whole continues to grow this month.

    7/27/23 Update: Some additional photos of the failed attempt at removing the Twitter signage from Mastodon user Alan Kyle.

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    土曜日のコーヒー|2023年7月22日 Saturday coffee | July 22, 2023

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    「オーバーウォッチ 2」がSteamに登場。 📎 Overwatch 2 coming to Steam. 📎



    これは賢い選択のように思えますし、「オーバーウォッチ 2」のような基本プレイ無料のゲームをSteamで利用できるようにすることで、Blizzard-Activisionが収益を拡大できると確信しています。

    昨年、EAがゲームをSteam 2020 年後半に導入した後、「エーペックスレジェンズ」はSteamでの同時プレイヤー数が史上最高に達しました。

    Blizzard-ActivisionがゲームをSteamに提供することが、現在進行中のMicrosoft Blizzard/Activisionの合併の結果であるとしても、私は驚かないでしょう。取引が成立すれば、Windowsユーザー向けにもBlizzard/Activision IPがMicrosoft Storeに登場することになるでしょう。

    「オーバーウォッチ 2」のSteam ページは現在公開されており、8月10日(金)に利用可能になります。

    From the blog post:

    Battle.net is the home of all our PC players, and over the years, we’ve evolved our platform to support updated technologies, capabilities, and our communities’ expectations. But as we’ve evolved, the industry has evolved too–gaming is no longer just for specific communities as it was when Battle.net launched over two decades ago, gaming is for everyone–and though we remain committed to continually investing in and supporting Battle.net, we want to break down the barriers to make it easier for players everywhere to find and enjoy our games.

    This seems to be a smart choice and I’m sure that Blizzard-Activision is leaving money on the table not having their Free to Play games, like Overwatch 2, available on Steam.

    Last year Apex Legends reached an all time high of concurrent players on Steam after EA brought the game to Steam late 2020.

    I would not be surprised if Blizzard-Activision bringing games to Steam is a result of the Microsoft Blizzard/Activision merger that’s in progress. If and when the deal is finalized, I can see Blizzard/Activision IPs coming to the Microsoft Store too for Windows users

    The Overwatch 2 Steam page is live now and will be available on August 10th.

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    ブラックハットからホワイトハットに転向した有名ハッカー、ケビン・ミトニックが死去した。 📎 Famous black hat turned white hat hacker Kevin Mitnick has died. 📎



    Kevin David Mitnick, 59, died peacefully on Sunday, July 16, 2023, after valiantly battling pancreatic cancer for more than a year. Kevin is survived by his beloved wife, Kimberley Mitnick, who remained by his side throughout their 14-month ordeal. Kimberley is pregnant with their first child. Kevin was ecstatic about this new chapter in his and Kimberley’s life together, which has now been sadly cut short.

    An interesting person and one of the first Internet famous people I learned about in the 2000’s when I started navigating the web. His story was an interesting one and always felt like the character Dade “Zero Cool” Murphy from the film ‘Hackers’ was partially inspired by Mitnick.

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    AIのニュースが多い一日。 Big day of AI news.

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    WormGPT - サイバー犯罪者のためのAIテキスト生成。 📎 WormGPT - AI text generation for cybercriminals. 📎


    OpenAIのChatGPTのような人工知能(AI)技術の進歩は、ビジネスメール侵害(BEC)攻撃の新たなベクトルを導入した。 サイバー犯罪者はこのような技術を利用して、受信者にパーソナライズされた、非常に説得力のある偽メールの作成を自動化することができ、攻撃の成功確率を高めることができる。




    • 要人やベンダーになりすまそうとする外部発信のEメールにフラグを立てる
    • 「緊急」、「電信送金」、「緊急」などのキーワードリストを使用する


    • 実際のフィッシング・メールのサンプルとともに、進化する脅威に関する従業員の継続的なトレーニング
    • フィッシングが成功した場合のSOPの策定
    • 重要なファイルのバックアップの確認とテスト


    Daniel Kelley for Slashnext writes:

    The progression of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, has introduced a new vector for business email compromise (BEC) attacks. ChatGPT, a sophisticated AI model, generates human-like text based on the input it receives. Cybercriminals can use such technology to automate the creation of highly convincing fake emails, personalised to the recipient, thus increasing the chances of success for the attack.

    It’s not surprising that scammers and cybercriminals would start using custom AI tools for phishing, spear phishing, and scamming purposes as AI text generation tools become easier to access.

    These AI tools would allow scammers to refine their emails to become more effective in addition to targeting users who may not speak the cybercriminals native language.

    Some precautions that administrators can take pointed out by Daniel:

    • Flagging externally originating emails trying to impersonate key personnel or vendors
    • Using a keyword list with words such as “urgent”, “wire transfer, or emergency

    Other steps organizations and administrators can take are:

    • Continuous training of employees on the evolving threats along with samples of actual phisihing emails
    • Having SOPs in the event of a successful phishing
    • Ensuring backups of critical files are checked and tests


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    土曜日のコーヒー|2023年7月15日 Saturday coffee | July 15, 2023

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    LGは最近、テレビや家電のサブスクリプションを追加する計画を概説した。 📎 LG latest in outlining plans to add subscriptions to TVs and appliances. 📎


    LGはこのような論争にも動じない。LGはこのような論争にも動じず、また、利用者が反発することも恐れていないようだ。しかし、2022年にLG史上最高の年間売上を記録したにもかかわらず、収益は大幅に増加しなければならない。LGはその成功の理由を “高級家電と自動車部品への強い需要 “としている。


    • The Registerのローラ・ドバースタイン



    Regulators have also noticed some sharp subscription practices, especially deterrents to cancellation. The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently considered stronger regulations of the business model.

    LG is undeterred by such controversies. And seemingly also unworried that punters might push back. But tally-ho, revenues must significantly increase, despite 2022 pulling in LG’s highest annual revenue ever. LG attributed that success to “strong demand for premium home appliances and automotive parts.”

    There’s only so many premium home appliance a company can sell, it seems, so LG is intent on trying to capitalize on that market in a different way.

    • Laura Dobberstein of The Register

    LG looks to join the ranks of BMW, HP, and others adding features requiring subscriptions to increase revenues. Accounting software maker Intuit shared in 2017 that “subscription models are 217% more profitable for businesses than a one-time payment model”. Five years later, I would guess that percentage is higher in 2023.


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    オランダ政府がフェディバースに参加。[NL] 📎 The Dutch government joins the Fediverse. [NL] 📎

    オランダ政府は、マストドンの #fediverse に独自の場所を得た🎉! 公的な組織と、#オープンスタンダードに基づくみんなのためのプラットフォームという、有望なコンボです🌐。 私たちの故郷に帰ってきたような気分です🏡! StasBZK、 @avhuffelen@belastingdienst@minbzkもおめでとう。 他の #fediverse ユーザーと共に、一歩一歩美しいものにしていきましょう🚀!

    • 投稿(EN) オランダ・フォーラム標準化アカウントによる


    現在Fediveseに参加している他の注目すべき組織には、 ウェブブラウザのVivaldi(EN)1、 ブログプラットフォームのMedium(EN)、 iOS/iPadOS/macOSアプリ開発者のTapbots(EN)MIT(EN)のコンピュータクラブ、 Linux Kernel Organization(EN)Internet Archive(EN)ウィキメディア財団(EN)(Wikipedia)、 ソフトウェア・ハードウェアメーカーのPanic(EN)、 まだ正式にサーバーを立ち上げていないソフトウェアメーカーのMozilla(EN)などがある。

    スレッドが1億ユーザーを超え、 Fediverseが毎月成長(EN)し続けるにつれ、 これはトレンドになるだろう。

    Fediverse2に参加したい人は、 Fedibirdmastodon-japan.netが主に日本語を話すサーバーで(Fedibirdの登録が再開されたので後でチェックしてください)、 または多くの日本語のMisskeyサーバーにあります。

    Hooray, the Dutch government has its own place in the #fediverse on Mastodon 🎉! A promising combo: public organisations and a platform from and for everyone based on #openstandards 🌐. It feels like coming home to us 🏡! Congratulations also to StasBZK @avhuffelen, @belastingdienst, @minbzk. Together with other #fediverse users, let’s make it something beautiful step by step 🚀!

    • Post by the Dutch Forum Standardization account

    The Dutch government is the latest government body to have an official presence on the Fediverse. They join the European Union and Government of Germany being the third known government utilizing the ActivityPub protocol to communicate with it’s citizens and the world.

    Other notable organization currently on the Fedivese include web browser Vivaldi1, blogging platform Medium, iOS/iPadOS/macOS app developers Tapbots, MIT’s computer club, the Linux Kernel Organization, Internet Archive, Wikimedia Foundation (Wikipedia), software and hardware maker Panic, and software maker Mozilla who has yet to be officially launch their server.

    This will likely become a growing trend as Threads crosses 100 million users and the Fediverse continues to grow each month.

    For those looking to join the Fediverse2, Fedibird(JP) and mastodon-japan.net(JP) are primarily Japanese speaking server (please check back later to see Fedibird registration has reopened) or on a number of Japanese language Misskey servers(JP).

    1. マストドンサーバーに参加したい方、このサーバーには日本語を話すユーザーがたくさんいます。登録にはVivaldiアカウントが必要です。 If you are looking to join a Mastodon server, this server has a number of Japanese speaking users. A Vivaldi account is required to sign up.
    2. 登録する前に、サーバーのルールとモデレーションを調べてください。各サーバーは個別に所有・運営されています。 Please research a servers rules and moderation before signing up. Each server is individually owned and operated.
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    ラスベガスの新会場「スフィア」。[EN] 📎 The new Las Vegas Sphere venue. 📎

    ネバダ州ラスベガス(アメリカ)にある “スフィア “が先日、アメリカ独立記念日を祝って初めて点灯した。高さ112メートル、幅157メートルのこの建物は、球形の建物としては世界最大となる。


    オーナー(MSG Entertainment)はストラットフォード(英国ロンドン東部)にも同様の会場をオープンさせさらに世界中にオープンさせる計画だ

    The Sphere in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA) recently turned on for the first time to celebrate Americas’ Independence Day. The 112 meter high and 157 meter wide building will be the largest spherical shaped building in the world.

    Features include seating for approximately 18,000 people and total of 20,000 when adding standing capacity, 54,000 m2 of exterior lighting, and inside of the Sphere will have the worlds largest (15,000 m2) and highest resolution (16K) LED screen.

    The owner (Madison Square Garden Entertainment), plans to open a duplicate venue in Stratford, East London (UK) then more around the world.

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    Apple Vision Proが予約制で発売される可能性。 📎 Possible appointment only launch of Apple Vision Pro. 📎

    アップルは、2015年のApple Watch発売のように、Vision Proの予約制の発売を計画していると報じられている。

    同社は、購入者のために座席、ヘッドセットのデモ機、アクセサリーのサイズを測るツールを備えた特別なエリアを店舗内に指定する予定だ。このデバイスはアップルの約270の米国内の店舗すべてで販売されるが、計画に詳しい関係者によると、同社はVision Proの売り場をまずニューヨークやロサンゼルスなどの主要地域の店舗で計画し、その後全国に展開する予定だという。





    It’s being reported that Apple is planning on an appointment only launch for the Vision Pro, much like 2015’s Apple Watch launch.

    The company will designate special areas in the stores with seating, headset demo units and tools to size accessories for buyers. While the device will be sold at all of Apple’s roughly 270 US locations, the company is planning the sections for the Vision Pro initially at stores in major areas — such as New York and Los Angeles — before rolling them out nationwide, according to people with knowledge of the plans.

    Plans have not been finalized but the UK and Canada are scheduled to be the first international markets the VR/AR device will go on sale. The rest of Europe and Asia will follow later in the year.

    The driving force behind the idea is to ensure customers walk out with a product that fits properly. If applicable, the company will ask users for their vision prescription for lens inserts via an online portal.

    To determine the right light seal — the component that keeps light out of a wearer’s field of view — Apple is developing an iPhone app that will scan a person’s head as well as a physical machine. Online purchasers will similarly be asked to upload their prescription data and use the face scan app to determine accessory sizing.

    Being a high ticket item, it seems that Apple is working to make sure that those that do purchase the device have a smooth experience.

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    スレッドはニューススタンドではなく、モールになるだろう。 📎 Threads will be a mall rather than newsstand. 📎




    Politics and hard news are important, I don’t want to imply otherwise. But my take is, from a platform’s perspective, any incremental engagement or revenue they might drive is not at all worth the scrutiny, negativity (let’s be honest), or integrity risks that come along with them.

    There are more than enough amazing communities – sports, music, fashion, beauty, entertainment, etc – to make a vibrant platform without needing to get into politics or hard news.

    This stance is likely due to Meta’s plans to remove news from Canadian news publishers for Facebook and Instagram users in Canada. A proposed Canadian law would require big tech companies to pay news publishers when accessing their content.

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    テクぶんへようこそ。 Welcome to Tekubun.

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